Experiment Zero
Thursday April 23rd 2009, 7:13 pm
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I guess I’ve asked for it. Admittedly though, I’ve been calling it an experiment per se. Today I got a flat. First one in well over two years. That’s a pretty long track record I think. The pisser about it is I was towing the trailer. Full of groceries.

I had just inflated the tires the day before. This is where the “experiment” comes into the conversation. Inflating tires on this bike is a big deal to me I guess. I don’t do it very often. Yesterday’s starting psi (pounds/square inch) was a mere twenty. That’s 90 pounds shy of where it should be. I’m always amazed and vocal about it whenever I discover how low pressure I run my tires. It’s not for performance, I know that it rides slow when they’re low, but I get lazy. It’s the “cobbler’s shoes” all over again. Yes, I’ve been neglectful, this time with consequences. 

Well even still, on my way to the grocery store I had the sensation of the tire rolling. At the moment I thought it was probably frame flex with the trailer, but later the truth was evident. Rolling down the street with groceries in tow a different sensation was not only sensible but also audible. And this is where the other part of the experiment is introduced. That rear wheel has been missing a spoke and has been suffering from being out of round and true for the greater part of that two or more years. Riding it with a dead flat sure makes that flat spot more pronounced.

If only any of my distributors would carry 25’s I’d be set. I still swear by those tires. Schwalbe Marathon Plus, when you absolutely don’t want a flat. Or as they say on their site: 

Punctures become obsolete with the MARATHON PLUS!

Just think, I wonder how long I’d have those tires had I been taking care of them. The overall experiment has been more in line with how much neglect and abuse this bike can take. I’d say things are going as expected at this rate. I’ll tow the bike into the shop tomorrow and see what I can do about that wheel; I have a feeling it might be the end of the road for that. 


I'll have to reverse these two bikes for the tow tomorrow.


* The title of this post has very little to do with it’s content, just what popped in the mind when the word experiment was conjured. Experiment Zero is the title of one of my favorite albums by Man or Astro-Man? More information than I ever knew about them here and here.

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great album indeed. as I was alphabetizing my records last night I was taken aback at how many Man or Astroman? LPs and 7inches I had, as well as a 4.5inch They put on such a kick ass show too.

Comment by fuckgas 04.23.09 @ 9:28 pm

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