Thursday January 22nd 2009, 2:50 am
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Welcome to PrestaShrader, this site is a little project I’ve been wanting to start for a little while. Potentially more of a “journal” than a project perhaps—it’ll hopefully become a repository for stories of mine—and maybe yours—of the times, current and past, working as bike mechanics. Sometimes it feels like a thankless job, but hopefully with this site we will explore the numerous reasons we persist at it. What it is we love about working on bikes. How do we progress and be successful in the industry. 

PrestaShrader is a site from and for those of us in the bike industry—from the  lowly mechanics, assemblers, managers, or co-op volunteers to those that manage a service shop, own a shop, or just frequent bike shops as customers. PrestaShrader will hopefully be a place where shop stories, anecdotes, and advice can be shared with an open mind for a hearty chortle or a relatable sigh. 

PS will be a place where some of my misconceptions and judgments I may have might be clarified or possibly corrected. I’m not necessarily an expert in all the areas that might be discussed, but an opinion is an opinion nonetheless—and hopefully, mine won’t be the only one voiced here. It’ll be a place to be able to express your ideas and opinions as to your experience working in the trenches of the bike industry. Not all of us work on the pro’s bikes, or even necessarily competitive bikes at all. What is it like in your shop? How are things done differently? Do we appreciate the direction the industry is going? How familiar are we with the industry’s roots?

Like my brief foray in the grocery industry, the common query I posed to customers, “Paper or plastic?” Bags then, valves now. PrestaShrader as a reminder of some of the commonalities bike mechanics share. I need a tube. “Presta or Shrader valve?” I prefer Presta for a few reasons, and I typically bring my own cloth bags to the grocery store.

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