Winter Garb
Sunday January 17th 2010, 3:21 pm
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The weather has changed for the better the previous two days. Compared to the bitterness we’ve had in this area the past several weeks, I really hope these 30˚+ temps stay around a little while longer. A stay from rain may be asking for too much, but I’d appreciate that too. (No such luck today). What do I know though, it’s not even spring yet.

See, I ride my bike to work every day. It’s my only mode of transportation here in Louisville; am I a commuter? I guess I am. I really don’t call myself that though; all the multitudes driving their cars to work everyday, do they call themselves commuters? My mode of transportation to work isn’t who I am. I commute to work by bike though, yes. I also run all my errands by bike, and I pretty much occupy my leisure time by bike. My work is bikes, sometimes even my sleep is bikes. Is it an obsession or a passion? Hard to say. Anyway, enough about me, back to this weather!

The past few weeks have been seeing temperatures in the ‘teens but a “feels like” between -1˚ and 6˚so when the mercury skyrockets to 28˚, 32˚, or like yesterday 36˚ the layers start to shed—and thankfully too!


Click the image to get the details of my laundry

Sometimes I justify not riding on the weekend when the weather is less than ideal because I ride everyday when the weather is less than ideal. Is that so “non-cyclist” of me? Am I  being a wuss? At any rate, people riding in inclement or uncomfortable weather has sprouted an enormous market for winter cycling apparel. I’ve been remiss to dive full on into that consumer cesspool. There is certainly an article of clothing that is made specifically for an individual weather system, pinpointed to the day and hour of its occurrence. But who’s got the wallet for that kind of pigeonholing?

As seen from the above photo, I’ve got a few essentials and a few items that swappable dependent on what it looks like outside my door, but for the most part, I’m wearing pretty consistent stuff. That Chrome hoodie has been a godsend. Is it space-age synthetic material to keep the wind, water off of me? No, it’s wool and does just the same. I don’t mind wearing it any other time either, I could just as comfortably be wearing it right now. Even though this one is green, what other piece of clothing do you have that makes you feel like a ninja? Wool socks, wool-like skull cap, wool glove liners. Wool!

For the most part, this isn’t a edict on the benefits of strict wool use; I really use a combination of materials. For instance those Chrome pants, they’re durable (over four years old), they’re comfortable (thicker in the rear-end), they dry quickly, and they’re synthetic. I’m also using other none wool bits. What’s my point?  None really I guess, it’s just me blathering on about what I wear in the cold, how I’m not necessarily an advertisement easily seen in Bicycling magazine (perhaps an ad for Chrome though, eh?). I hope I don’t have to put all this shit on very much more this year, I’ve got the process nailed down to a quick five minutes without over-heating, but still….